COVID-19 Precautions

COVID-19 Precautions

We aim for everyone to have a great, safe experience. Please follow the guidelines and keep time at the venue to a minimum.

photograph by kind permission of Celia Cadwallader

Car Park

Hand sanitiser will be available at the gate - please use it.

Keep horses on the left of the vehicles, which should leave plenty of Social Distancing room

No cars in the lorry park

No horses (or haynets) to be tied to the outside of lorries/trailers

People may bring a maximum of one helper – preferably from their Bubble

A skip and tools are available, so please pick up your droppings and use the hand sanitiser after touching the tools

Warm Up – Outdoor Arena

Enter at car park end

Exit at top end

Maximum of 6 horses in arena

Test - Indoor Arena

Previous competitor to wait in the indoor school or the Waiting Area until the next competitor has entered.

Helper may watch from the door area but must use the hand sanitiser if touching the door and must keep Social Distance from steward

Cool Down

You may not return to the Outdoor arena

Walk only to cool down

Please leave the venue at the earliest opportunity

Numbers on site are limited


Writer from Bubble: they may use the Judge’s Box as normal.

Writer not from Bubble: Judge will sit inside Judge’s Box at C. 

Writer will sit at a table next to the Judge’s Box window with Perspex screen in window 

Hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves and masks will be provided


Class scores will be posted on website

Test sheets and rosettes will be available in the gallery cafe

Scoreboards are not permitted  


The toilet in the Gallery will be accessible from the steps behind the school.  

Please ensure Social Distancing is maintained and use wipes provided to clean surfaces